Sudeep Biswas

Pursuing Technology since 1987

Information Technology has the power to transform life and change perceptions. Use this resource judiciously for the benefit of mankind. Technology finds its use in almost every facet of life from Education, Research, Medicine, Production environment, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Sciences, Internet of things and more...

Areas of Interest :

  • Computing Skills
    delving deep into the world of variables, code, syntax, logic and design in the paradigm of the dynamic ecosystems.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    algorithms and code to make machines learn and re-learn by themselves and take a call on situations by their own is interesting indeed.
  • Electronics and Robotics
    circuits, microcontrollers, GPIO communication, UART, sensors and servos puts me in an entranced mode.
  • An Artistic Mind
    where every stroke makes an intense sense. Blended into the world of 3D animation and virtual and augmented realism.
  • A Scientific Communicator
    with an endless quest to know how things work.
  • An Astronomy enthusiast
    admiring the wonders of the celestial vastness, the physics and theory's of the amazing cosmos.
  • A maven in Quizing
    where every click and a decision taken is a challenge. Swapping minds into the system of continuous learning.

Let learning be our habit.

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